What Are Bushfire Rated Screens?

05.02.2023 By Perth Homeguard Security Screens

Will your home be safe if the worst were to happen?

Ember attacks are responsible for 80% of houses lost during a bushfire.

Even if your home is situated far from a bushfire, embers can travel up to 40 kilometres in the air, leaving your property vulnerable during bushfire season. It’s easy to think you’ll be able to protect your home, but if you’re forced to evacuate, how will you keep your home and possessions safe?

Bushfire rated screens are the proven, practical solution for Perth homeowners who want to safeguard their property without adding unsightly and ugly eyesores. Ideal for all home sizes and styles, bushfire screens are fitted to your windows and doors to keep fire out, and to give you lasting peace of mind if your home is at threat.

In this article we’ll explain how a bushfire screen works, highlight a few proven benefits of installing your own bushfire screen, and offer a few simple tips for Perth homeowners who want the ultimate protection this fire season.

What are bushfire screens?

Home protection has evolved considerably in the past 25 years. For Perth families who want an extra layer of protection, it’s now possible to install roller shutters on doors and windows that can be closed at the click of a button, offering privacy as well as peace and quiet.

These extra layers of protection are ideal when you’re at home and want to relax without worrying about the outside world, or if you’re heading for a WA getaway and want to keep your belongings safe. But how can you keep your home safe against fire?

Bushfire screens are the innovative answer to this question. Typically constructed out of fire-resistant stainless steel, protective mesh is installed on your home’s windows and doors to stop airborne embers from making their way in your home. As an additional benefit, bushfire screens are tested to prevent flames from entering your property, and avoid transmitting high levels of heat from the outside in.

Why are bushfire screens important to my Perth home?

Living in Perth means year-round sun and access to some of Australia’s best beaches. But our hot and dry climate also brings an increased risk of bushfires.

Perth has dealt with bushfires in the past, and it’s highly likely that future bushfire seasons will pose a risk to local properties and businesses. To keep homeowners safe, the Australian Government has introduced standardised protection on all homes in bushfire prone areas, with 6 Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL).

BAL Level Fire Risk
BAL-low Very Low
BAL-12.5 Low
BAL-19 Moderate
BAL-29 High
BAL-40 Very High
BAL-FZ Extreme


Each BAL level requires specific screening protection to stop embers getting through small gaps, or to stop your glass from overheating. At Perth Homeguard our bushfire screens are manufactured to Australian standards 3959-2009 and provide protection up to BAL-40.

It’s easy to think “I don’t live close to the bush, so these risks don’t apply to me”. But if you live in a suburb of Perth with a BAL threat level, a bushfire screen keeps your home safe no matter what suburb you live in. No more worrying about ember attacks, no more stress when hot, dry winds blow in. That’s the priceless peace of mind that comes with your own bushfire roller shutters.

How do bushfire screens protect against fire and embers?

When there’s reports of fire on the news or radio, the last thing you want to do is to have doubts over the safety of your screens. At Perth Homeguard we test every screen before it’s sold to make sure it can stand up to the toughest conditions and heat. When it comes to your belongings there’s no room for ‘maybes’ so here’s an insight into how our bushfire screens hold out heat…

The first thing we target is embers. Floating embers can strike at your home even if there’s no sign of fire and no smoke in the sky. Our mesh screens have a maximum gap of 2mm, which lets air and light in on those beautiful Perth afternoons, but keeps embers out should the worst happen.

Our bushfire screens are also made from corrosion-resistant steel which protects against direct flames, meaning fire can’t melt or damage your screens once they’re installed. And since every screen is non-combustible, heat doesn’t transmit from the outside in which stops your furniture and belongings from overheating and starting fires inside.

If it all sounds very technical, that’s because it is. At Perth Homeguard we understand there’s nothing more important than your family and your home, and we ensure every security screens Perth we provide is designed and tested to protect your most important assets.

Priceless peace of mind all year round

When your home is at stake, only the best will do. Our bushfire roller shutters are tested to combat fire and reduce 90% of heat from entering fragile access points like windows and doors. So while you can’t control the weather, you can control how secure your home is. And that feeling is priceless.

If you need help deciding on bushfire screens to protect your home, or if you’re ready to install sleek, cost-effective fire protection screens to keep your home safe, contact Perth Homeguard for a Fast FREE Quote today

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