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Protect your property from the spread of fire with Perth Homeguard's bushfire roller shutters and screens.

The Best BAL Flame Zone / Bushfire Rated
Roller Shutters and Security Screens in Perth

Our high-quality bushfire roller shutters and security screens are specifically designed to provide extra protection against fire. Flame zone roller shutters are available in various sizes and can be custom-made to fit any opening. They are also easy to install and can be operated automatically.

Our team at Perth Homeguard have over 30 years of experience designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining

bushfire protection security screens and roller shutters for Perth homes and businesses. Our Australian-made security products are guaranteed to last for years to come.

For a fast-free quote for custom BAL FZ roller shutter and security screen installation and repairs in Perth, contact our team at (08) 9209 8100.

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The Benefits of Having BAL Flame Zone / Bushfire Roller Shutters and Security Screens

If you are looking for an effective way to protect your home or business from bushfires, then flame zone roller shutters are the ideal solution. These bushfire roller shutters and security screens are specifically designed to resist ember attacks and can provide a high level of protection against the spread of fire.

Here are some of the key benefits of installing flame zone roller shutters and security screens:

Additional Security
Increased Protection Against Embers
n providing a physical barrier between your property and the fire, flame zone roller shutters and security screens can help reduce the risk of an ember attack in a bushfire.
Insulation Improvements
Made from materials that are specifically made to resist high temperatures, flame zone security screens and roller shutters help improve your property’s insulation against heat.
Fire Spread Reduction
Made from a non-combustible material, flame zone security screens and roller shutters can prevent a fire from spreading through gaps and openings in your property.
Reduced Insurance Premiums
Properties with fire safety features are often offered discounts by insurance companies. So if you’re in a bushfire-prone area, flame zone security screens and roller screens may just save you money.

What are the Different Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Categories?

You might have noticed the term BAL associated with our flame zone roller shutters and wondered what it stands for. BAL refers to Bushfire Attack Levels, which are ratings that indicate the potential level of ember attacks and radiant heat exposure a building could face during a bushfire. These levels range from BAL-LOW, indicating the least severe conditions, to BAL-FZ, representing the most severe.

These ratings are determined by several factors including the slope of the land, the local vegetation, and the distance to the nearest bushfire, with six different levels recognised in Western Australia. These are especially important if you are building a new property or doing construction work in and around a bushfire-prone area. It is now a government requirement to have compliant methods up to the Australian Standard AS 3959, to improve the building’s performance in the case of a bushfire attack.

  • BAL 40: This level signifies an increased risk of ember attacks and exposure to windborne embers, necessitating enhanced construction requirements.
  • BAL FZ: Represents direct exposure to flames and embers, requiring the most stringent construction standards to ensure safety.
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Frequently Asked Questions about our Flame Zone / Bushfire Roller Shutters and Security Screens

Why choose Flame Zone roller shutters or security screens?

Flame zone roller shutters and security screens offer a high level of protection against ember attacks and radiant heat and provide security and privacy for your home or business.

How do Flame Zone roller shutters and security screens work?

When closed, flame zone roller shutters and security screens form a barrier between the inside of your property and the outside environment. They work by reflecting heat away from your windows and doors and stopping flying embers from entering your property.

How do I know what size shutters or screens I need?

Our team can help you select the correct size shutters or screens for your windows and doors based on the size of the opening and the type of window or door frame. We can also provide custom sizes to suit special applications.

Aren't all fire-resistant security products the same?

No, different types of bushfire shutters and security screens are subjected to different testing. However, it's the most difficult to satisfy BAL-FZ standards as these types are supposed to withstand more intense fire conditions, specifically for properties that are high risk come the dry seasons.

How do I maintain bushfire roller shutters?

Maintenance generally involves regular cleaning to remove debris and checking the operation system to ensure smooth functionality. We highly advise getting our team out to inspect your existing systems before bushfire season, to get professional confirmation and peace of mind.