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Roller Shutters in Joondalup

Our custom-made aluminium roller shutters are perfectly suited to your home or business. We can create them to fit any window or door, giving many benefits to your property. Shutters can enhance the security of any building. They offer extra safety from both crime and the environment. We have a range of roller shutters available. Perth Homeguard can ensure that your property receives the ultimate in protection. We will also ensure that it looks great too.

All of our window shutters and roller shutter doors are made in our factory in Western Australia. We custom-fit each shutter that our customers purchase. We make sure they receive excellent service and a product that fits their home or premises. Our roller shutters are versatile and multi-functional. We offer several grades of our aluminium shutters. These include residential roller shutters, commercial roller shutters, and cyclonic applications.

Multi-functional Features of Roller Shutters

There is a huge range of benefits that come with aluminium roller shutters for your property. Aside from the security factor, they also help with climate control. Their insulating qualities can reduce your bills for heating and cooling. They can also provide light and noise control, as well as offer extra privacy for any building. They are easy to care for and will last a long time, making them a cost-effective choice for your property.


Aluminium roller shutters are a cost-effective choice. They are suitable for anyone who needs shutters for domestic or commercial purposes. They offer an affordable option and a range of choices. You can find shutters that will suit different lifestyles and industries. Their low-maintenance material and appearance make them even more cost-effective. We offer a free care and maintenance sheet so you can see how easy it is to look after your new aluminium shutters.


Our customers choose our aluminium roller shutters for a large variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons many people select our shutters is to add security to a property. Protecting a home or business from crime is imperative to any property owner. Our security roller shutters are ideal to give you the peace of mind you need. Our installers are police licensed. They will ensure that your shutters offer only the best in security. You will no longer have to worry about breaking and entering or vandalism. Our shutters can also reduce risks from storms or bushfires. We have a range of cyclonic roller shutters designed especially for weathering storms. Their robust construction protects windows and doors from storm damage. They also offer extra security to your property.

Energy Savings

Another excellent benefit of our electric shutters is that they provide insulating qualities. They can help with climate control in any home or commercial premises. During the winter, they help to keep your property warm. In the summer, they can assist with cooling. This function offers the bonus on helping you to save on your energy bills. Your heating and cooling systems will be more efficient. The insulating power of your new aluminium roller shutters will make sure of it. You could save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Light and Noise Control

Aluminium roller shutters help to control the environment of a building in other ways. Two of the other benefits they offer is the ability to control both light and noise in your home or business. Rolling down your shutters allows you to reduce the light in the building. This helps to keep it cool on hotter days. It also makes them ideal for rooms where you don’t want any light. These could include bedrooms or even photography dark rooms. The noise-reduction factor is also a significant draw for people considering aluminium roller shutters. They can help to reduce noise from traffic and other outside influences. Roller shutters can also be used to reduce airflow.


Many home owners are concerned about getting the privacy they need in their homes. Some businesses might also desire a greater level of privacy. Our aluminium roller shutters can offer the privacy you need for your property. They can prevent people looking through your windows from the street. They will offer extra privacy if you’re getting dressed in the morning or watching TV at night. Your shutters can act as black-out blinds, giving you total privacy whenever you need it.

Easy Maintenance

Caring for your aluminium roller shutters is easy. We offer a free guide to show everyone how to care for and clean their shutters. They only require cleaning approximately twice a year. There are just a few general maintenance tips to pay attention to as well. Anyone that follows the simple steps to care for their roller shutters will ensure that they last a long time. Proper maintenance only requires some simple general care tasks and an occasional clean.

Internal Controls

Our range of shutters allows you to control them from inside your property. There’s no need to go outside to press a button or point a remote control. You can move your shutters up and down from the inside to make controlling them much more convenient.


Many people worry about the appearance of roller shutters for their home or business. Our range of custom-fit roller shutters can be personalised to suit your property. You can choose to have them in your business’s brand colours or pick a shade that matches the design of your home. The shutters don’t need to ruin the look and feel of your property.

Roller Shutters for Your Home

Our aluminium roller shutters are ideal for both homes and businesses. Many homeowners choose them to give them security and climate control for their properties. Window roller shutters are a popular choice for homeowners, and we can fit ours to any window. We can make custom window shutters for bay windows, as well as other shapes and styles of window. Our range of colours allows our customers to match their roller shutters to the rest of their home. We can customise them to fit in with your home’s style and improve its curb appeal. The enhanced look of your home could raise its value and its position in your neighbourhood.

Our roller shutters are easy for anyone to operate. Their spring-loaded controls make them simple and safe to move up and down. Electric roller shutters are ideal for homes. They don’t require any heavy lifting or manual operation.

Roller Shutters for Your Business

Aluminium roller shutters are also excellent for businesses of all types. Our many commercial customers include retail shops, offices, and a variety of other businesses. As well as window shutters, many businesses also choose to install roller shutter doors. Shutters over doors offer extra protection. They are ideal for any companies that may worry about being a target for crime. We can offer custom-made roller shutters to protect shop fronts. These are useful when the premises are closed for business.

Aluminium shutters are one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your business. We have a range of shutter types to choose from to suit different applications. As well as selecting a style suitable for your commercial purpose, we can customise shutters to fit your brand. We can create them to fit your windows or doors perfectly. We will also help you choose a style that will coordinate with your existing premises. There is no reason that your aluminium shutters should disrupt your business image. When you use our custom service, we will ensure that your shutters enhance your business. They won’t distract from your professionalism.

Cyclonic Roller Shutters

Our versatile range of aluminium roller shutters also includes cyclonic shutters. These robust shutters are designed to weather cyclones and other storms. All of our cyclonic roller shutters have been tested to ensure they can stand up to tough conditions. We have a choice of shutters that have been approved for use in cyclonic conditions. Both home and business owners can discuss their options for cyclonic shutters with a specialist from our team. We can recommend the best model and help you choose specifics, such as the controls for your shutters. Like our residential and commercial shutters, our cyclonic shutters come in several colours. You can choose them to match your home or business premises so that they blend in with the overall style.

Our Super Shutters are heavy duty so that they can withstand force from storms. Their higher density is combined with construction using screws. This is to ensure that they are extremely stable. These strong shutters have thicker walls. They help to restrain the slats when pressure is placed on them by wind and rain.

Aluminium Roller Shutters in Perth, WA

Perth Homeguard’s selection of aluminium roller shutters is sure to have the perfect choice for your home or business. You can add protection and security without having an adverse effect on its appearance. Our custom-made shutters will fit your exact requirements. We aim to supply and install them within three weeks.

Get in touch with Perth Homeguard today to find out how aluminium roller shutters can benefit your home. Fill out the form above to obtain a quote on the shutters you are interested in fitting to your property.

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Care & Maintenance

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