5 Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters in Your Home or Business

05.02.2023 By Perth Homeguard Roller Shutters

Roller shutters have changed dramatically in the past 10 years.

In the past it was common to install shutters for security reasons only. Often bulky and an eye-sore, shutters kept thieves out but left your home looking industrial and bulky.

In 2021, they have become a cost-effective and proven method of keeping your home and business safe while adding an eye-catching feature at the same time. Stylish and attractive, more and more Perth homeowners and business owners are turning to security roller shutters to improve their lifestyle, save money, and protect their most important assets.

Across your health, safety and finances, here are 5 proven benefits of installing roller shutters.

#1 – Home and business security

200,000 burglaries occur every year in Australia with thieves causing stress to families and damage to unprotected Perth properties. With burglaries increasing for the 4th year in a row, it’s likely your home and business will remain targets next year too.

The most obvious benefit is a form of security that keeps you and your belongings safe. Western Australia has the country’s highest burglary rates, making them a necessity, not a luxury.

Unlike other forms of security which alert you to break-ins AFTER the fact, like CCTV cameras or alarms, residential shutters stop break-ins from happening at all. A lowered shutter provides a powerful visual deterrent to keep thieves away as most thieves are after ‘quick wins’ that won’t take time and effort.

In the same way, the innovative design of modern commercial roller shutters means it’s almost impossible to pull open a lowered shutter with interlocking reinforced aluminium creating a shell around your businesses access points.

The combination of a visual, mental and physical deterrent means your home or business don’t become a burglary statistic.

#2 – Noise reduction

Loud neighbours. Passing cars. Busy streets.

It doesn’t take much for background noise to become a big problem. In fact, any noise above 85 decibels can damage your hearing.

If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, your residential roller shutters can be lowered to reduce noise by as much as 50%. This is a result of polyurethane placed inside each roller to provide insulation. Designed to reduce the audible level of noise, you can enjoy an oasis of calm at home whether you live next to a busy school or opposite a noisy road. This is particularly important if background noise occurs at night time.

Best of all, they can keep noise in too. So if you want to enjoy a loud movie night or host a get together with friends, you won’t be getting any noise complaints from frustrated neighbours.

#3 – Sun protection

With an average summer high of around 30°C the Perth sun poses a constant challenge to your home and business.

A common mistake Perth homeowners and business owners make is to install curtains or blinds and think that’s enough to keep uncomfortable heat out. Unfortunately, glass windows simply absorb sunlight then pass heat through to curtain and blinds – meaning your room heats up like a sauna. At home this makes weekends a tough slog, while businesses can lose customers to cooler competitors.

In contrast, window shutters and roller doors provide a layer of sun protection that guards against overheating and keeps harmful UV rays away from your family and customers. With your rollers down you can enjoy a cooler temperature inside and with the AC not needed you might just enjoy a drop in your next power bill too.

#4 – Energy savings

Would you like to pay less on your next power bill?

Studies have shown up to 70% of hot air and 30% of cool air is lost through your windows. You can slash your power bills (despite nation-wide rises in energy costs) using shutters that keep summer heat out and winter heat in.

Imagine relying less on air-conditioning units or fans, and regulating your home’s temperature by raising and lowering shutters. This has a dual benefit on your budget. Firstly, your energy costs go down. Secondly, your AC unit lasts longer and requires less maintenance, which keeps even more money in your pocket.

According to Roller Shutter Industry Standards, installing roller shutters can lower your yearly energy consumption by up to 64%. Even better, they are green technology that won’t increase your carbon footprint, but will contribute to a more sustainable planet.

#5 – Bushfire protection

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Many Perth homes and businesses are built in bushfire prone areas. While you hope never to face wildfires, shutters add a protective barrier if your property is threatened by fire. They are rated up to BAL-40 which provides maximum fire protection in high risk areas.

It’s a mistake to think your property has to be surrounded by fire to be damaged. Hot winds are able to carry embers in the air for kilometers, while radiant heat can break your windows without fires ever being in view. If fires are occurring in your local suburb, simply drop your shutters to avoid embers floating into your home or your windows becoming damaged.

While no roller shutter should be considered a sole fire-safety solution, it’s hard to go past the peace of mind you get from hearing about fires on the radio, and dropping your bushfire shutters to reduce your risk of damage.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of installing roller shutters?

Hot Western Australian summers. Opportunistic thieves. Noisy neighbours.

With your own door and window roller shutters these problems become easily managed. At the same time you keep money in your pocket and protect your family’s health and wellbeing. Once bulky and unattractive security measures, shutters are now embraced as head-turning and eye-catching additions to Perth’s most innovative homes.

If you need help deciding on the security product that suit your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for security screen doors, or if you’re ready to install sleek, cost-effective shutters to keep your home safe, contact Perth Homeguard for a Fast FREE Quote today

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