Cyclone Security
Screens and
Roller Shutters

Protect your property from the worst winds with cyclone security screens and roller shutters.

Premium Cyclone Roller Shutters and Security Screens from Perth’s Leading Experts

Designed to keep natural debris like leaves, twigs and branches on the outside of your property, cyclone screens and roller shutters can keep your building safe during intense storms. Made possible by the screen’s mesh size, smaller than the traditional security screen or roller shutter, it will protect your windows and capture more debris before it can enter.

Lasting longer than traditional roller shutters and screens because of their stronger construction and small mesh size,

cyclone roller shutters and screens can withstand heavier use without tearing or breaking. Essential for properties in the cyclonic regions of Perth, WA, these can act as another layer of protection against cyclonic and severe weather conditions

For a fast-free quote for custom cyclone security screens and roller shutter installation and repairs in Perth, contact our team at (08) 9209 8100.

Cyclone Roller Shutters Perth
Cyclone roller shutters

The Benefits of
Cyclone Security Screens & Roller Shutters

Storm Protection
Specifically designed to withstand strong winds, storms, and hurricanes, cyclonic roller shutters and security screens add protection during terrible weather.
Enhanced Security In Extreme Weather
Offering reinforced protection against forced entry even during extreme weather, cyclonic security screens and roller shutters can give you peace of mind and ensure everyone’s safety.
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Insect and Pest Control
Our cyclone roller shutter and security screen’s fine mesh keep insects and pests out while still allowing for fresh air throughout a property regardless of the outside weather.
Additional Security
Corrosion Resistance
Designed to resist corrosion, cyclonic roller shutters and security screens can maintain their integrity and performance even in high humidity, saltwater exposure, and heavy rainfall.

What Our Clients Say

"‘Good service fixing my roller shutter. Always arrived on time, pleasant engineer and efficient back office. Payment was straightforward, nothing to fault. Will use again.’" John Coffin
"‘Had a fantastic experience with this company. Quotes were competitive. Service was immaculate and more importantly, there was always someone answering calls.’ " Bobby Banerjee
"‘Great friendly and professional service. Screen door supplied and installed within the timeframe promised at a very reasonable cost.’" Paul Neinhuys

Cyclone Roller Shutters & Security Screens Frequently Asked Questions

What are cyclone security screens and roller shutters?

Cyclone security screens and roller shutters are durable and strong screens specifically designed to provide protection against forced entry attempts, storms, hurricanes, and extreme weather conditions.

How do cyclone screens and roller shutters work?

Cyclone screens and roller shutters work by creating a barrier between your property and the high winds of a storm. They are installed over windows and doors, and they can also be used to cover patios or porches. When the wind blows, the pressure against the screen creates a force that helps to hold it in place. This prevents wind and debris from entering your property and causing damage.

Can cyclone security screens and roller shutters provide privacy?

Yes, cyclone security screens and roller shutters offer a level of privacy without compromising visibility or natural light. They allow you to see outside while preventing outsiders from seeing inside your home, providing a balance between privacy and openness.

Can cyclone roller shutters be customised to match my property’s aesthetic?

Yes, they are available in a variety of colours and finishes to complement your property’s design. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our range of custom options.

How do I know if I need cyclone roller shutters?

If you live in an area prone to severe weather, such as cyclones or storms, investing in cyclone roller shutters can provide significant protection for your property.