Security Door Installations and Repairs

At Perth Homeguard, we specialise in providing comprehensive services, including repairs, to ensure that your security door functions optimally and continues to provide the necessary protection. With our Australian-made guarantee, you can trust that our repairs will be carried out to the highest standards, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your security door for years to come.

For a fast, free quote for security doors installation and repairs in Perth, contact our team at (08) 9209 8100.

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Security Door Installation and Repairs
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Security Door Maintenance

As a crucial part of a property’s security system, keeping your security doors in working condition is an necessity to maintain your system.

Here are a few tips to maintain your security doors that can highlight when you might need to get some repairs done:

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  • Inspect it regularly: Look for any sign of wear and tear or damage.
  • Keep it clean: Wipe it down with a damp cloth to stop debris building up and causing long term damage
  • Post-harsh weather: Inspect it after harsh weather for anything that could have damaged it and have it replaced quickly after.

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The Benefits of Security Door Installation and Repairs in Perth

Getting your security doors both installed and repaired professionally can provide your property with a variety of benefits that can extend for years to come.

Enhanced Home Security
The additional layer of protection can make it harder for intruders to have unauthorised access.
Burglar Deterrent
Knowing that a home is well-protected by a security door can discourage anyone to break in.
Energy Efficiency
The doors reduce drafts and air leakage, which leads to lower heating and cooling costs over time.
Noice Reduction
Some doors can muffle the amount of outdoor noise that enters your home from the street, making them incredibly helpful in a busy neighbourhood or a noisy street.
Insurance Benefits
Some insurance companies may offer a reduced premium for homeowners who have professionally installed security doors, which may save you money in the long run.
Security Door Installation & Repairs

What To Consider Before Security Doors Installation and Repairs

When purchasing security doors for your home or business, it's important to consider factors beyond appearance. At Perth Homeguard, we offer customizable options that provide protection against bushfires, cyclones, and debris. Our doors meet Australian standards and can be designed to be safe for children and pets.

In addition to offering a range of security door options, we specialize in repairs and maintenance. Our team is skilled in handling any necessary repairs to ensure your security doors continue to provide optimal protection. With Perth Homeguard, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security doors are both functional and secure.

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"A fantastic job and the best service I have had in a long time. The quote was honest, and exactly what we discussed actually happened." Bruce
"I found this is the most reliable and trustable firm whom I can believe upon. Everyone at this firm is really amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s looking out for any." Trever
"Previously I have trusted other home security solutions but they do not give proper service. In Perth Homeguard I found the best service after warranty of the product plus I loved the quote they have given me." Mike
"From first contact till installation, I couldn’t be happier with the staff, communication, price that’s unbeatable and product. The installer was on time, professional and so quick at his job. Any extra big thank you goes to Mike for being so helpful in bringing the costs down to ensure my home was protected in the best way possible. Your amazing" Nadia
"Several years ago we purchased two security doors for our residence from your compent. We recently had need for some repairs to them. Your service technician Alan was allocated to us for the job. May we say what a pleasure it was to welcome him into our home to carry out the work. At all times he was courteous respectful fully aware of what needed to be done to each door and carried out his job with skill and was never “in a hurry to get out of the place”. As seniors we are aware of who comes into our home to work: one had unfortunately to be nowadays! All we can both say is you have an absolute gem of a techinician in all respects and if we ever need repairs to our doors at any time can we please have Alan again?" Shirley + Frank Hanley
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I ensure my security door is installed properly?

There are a few steps to make sure your door is on properly. The first step is to check that the door is the correct size for the opening. Secondly, you must secure the door frame to the existing door frames or custom build if requested. The final step is to install the door hardware, such as the locks and handles.

How can I maintain my security door?

Regular maintenance includes keeping the door and its components clean, lubricating hinges and locks, inspecting for any signs of damage or wear, and addressing issues promptly. If you do notice any problems, contact a professional to get the door either replaced or repaired.

Can I install a security door myself?

While it's possible to install a security door as a DIY project, it's recommended to hire a professional, like Perth Homeguard, for proper installation. We have the expertise, tools, and experience to ensure a secure and efficient installation.

How can I tell if my security door needs repairs?

Signs that your security door may need repairs include difficulty in opening or closing, sagging or misaligned door, loose or damaged hinges, malfunctioning locks, or visible damage to the door or screen.

Can I repair my security door myself, or should I hire a professional?

While some minor repairs can be done by homeowners, it is recommended to hire a professional for security door repairs. They have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to properly assess and fix any issues, ensuring the door's optimal functionality and security.