Diamond Grille Security Screens Perth

Our range of diamond grille security screens, made from durable, high-strength aluminium with a perforated design, deter intruders and provide clear visibility for added peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the security of your Perth home or business, our team has the expertise and experience to help you find the right solution for your needs.

For a free, fast quote for your own set of custom diamond grille security screens Perth, get in touch with our team on (08) 9209 8100.

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Diamond Grille Security Screens Perth
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The Best Diamond Grille Security Screens from Perth's Leading Installation Experts

At Perth Homeguard, we know how much peace of mind about your home and business can affect how well we go about our day. Our diamond grille security screens enable you to do just that. Aided with over 30 years of expertise and a police licenced team, we will give you a professional service that is the best across Perth.

For a free, fast quote for your own diamond grille security screens for your home or business, get in touch with us on (08) 9209 8100.

Here’s Why Perth Homeguard Has The Best Diamond Grille Security Screens In Perth

Perth Homeguard

Benefits of Our Diamond Grille Security Screens

Created from high quality aluminium with a perforated design, our diamond grille security screens enable you to have an effective way to protect your home and business whilst still enabling full view out.

However, when it comes to selecting the right defence for your home and business, it can be quite overwhelming deciding who to place your trust in, so below are a brief list of features that our security screens offer.

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Made from durable materials
Australian made and sourced aluminium that have been tested to withstand the worst of situations, these diamond grille security screens will offer top quality protection.
Difficult to breach
These are specifically designed to be durable and hard to get through.
Low maintenance
The high-strength aluminium makes the diamond grille security screens resistant to both corrosion and rust, meaning they can withstand the elements with ease. Their perforated design allowed for easy cleaning, wiping mess with a simple cloth will bring them up as good as new.

Our Range of
Diamond Grille Security Screens

Diamond Patterned (007) Security Grille

A perforated security screen made from a durable aluminium, this offers clear visibility whilst still acting as a strong barrier against anything or anyone unwelcome whilst still being stylish.

007 Diamond Grille for Windows

Customisable to fit most shapes, the 007 Diamond Grille for Windows can protect every window in your home or business, keeping you safe and sound no matter the situation.

007 Diamond Grille Door with Side Panel

This security door provides your entryway with a strong barrier of protection against intruders whilst still allowing for natural light to come through unencumbered. The additional side panel protects anything decorative in your entrance from any projectiles or aggression.

007 Diamond Grille for Commercial Shop Front

Everyone wants to keep their livelihood safe for a multitude of reasons. Perth Homeguard’s 007 Diamond Grille for Commercial Shop Front enables you to be able to see out into the area in front of your shop regardless of the area around you. Customisable to fit any size or shape of your business, the 007 Diamond Grille gives your reliable, long lasting and stylish protection for years to come.
"A fantastic job and the best service I have had in a long time. The quote was honest, and exactly what we discussed actually happened." Bruce
"I found this is the most reliable and trustable firm whom I can believe upon. Everyone at this firm is really amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s looking out for any." Trever
"Previously I have trusted other home security solutions but they do not give proper service. In Perth Homeguard I found the best service after warranty of the product plus I loved the quote they have given me." Mike
"From first contact till installation, I couldn’t be happier with the staff, communication, price that’s unbeatable and product. The installer was on time, professional and so quick at his job. Any extra big thank you goes to Mike for being so helpful in bringing the costs down to ensure my home was protected in the best way possible. Your amazing" Nadia
"Several years ago we purchased two security doors for our residence from your compent. We recently had need for some repairs to them. Your service technician Alan was allocated to us for the job. May we say what a pleasure it was to welcome him into our home to carry out the work. At all times he was courteous respectful fully aware of what needed to be done to each door and carried out his job with skill and was never “in a hurry to get out of the place”. As seniors we are aware of who comes into our home to work: one had unfortunately to be nowadays! All we can both say is you have an absolute gem of a techinician in all respects and if we ever need repairs to our doors at any time can we please have Alan again?" Shirley + Frank Hanley
Diamond Grille Security Screens
Frequently Asked Questions
Are our diamond grille security screens compliant with Australian Standards?

Absolutely. Our diamond grille security screens have been rigorously tested per the Australian Standard AS5041 2003 Security Screen Doors and Window Grille specifications.

Is there a way to enhance the functionality of the diamond grille security screen?

Along with having our diamond grille security screens, using a triple lock system gives additional protection along with a fly screen to keep your home and business insect free.

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