Ultimate Guide to Buying Roller Shutters in Perth

05.02.2023 By Perth Homeguard Roller Shutters

You’ve been thinking about buying roller shutters for a while now.

But everyone you ask has a different tip and Google is full of articles that are nothing more than thinly veiled sales pitches. All you want is the facts and figures to help you buy the best roller shutter for your Perth home or business.

And that’s what you’ll find here.

Whether you live in one of Perth’s sunny suburbs, you have a store to protect in Perth’s CBD, or you’re curious about how a roller shutter can make your life a safer, more enjoyable place, we’ve got the answers you need.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about buying roller shutters in Perth.

What do you need your roller shutters for?

Before you start comparing roller shutter models and measuring your doors and windows, you’ll need to know what you want from your roller shutters. Are they for your shop-front? To protect your home against bushfires? To stand up to cyclonic conditions?

Roller shutters have come a long way since the early days when they were grey, drab, unsightly layers of security. Modern Perth shutters can be customised to suit the design of your home or business, while still adding the extra protection your property needs.

The first step is to decide between commercial or residential roller shutters.

Commercial roller shutters in Perth

Break-ins are an unfortunate reality of running your Perth business. But with a little protection in the form of security shutters on your doors and windows, you can prevent your business from becoming a statistic.

Choosing the right commercial roller shutter comes down to finding the strongest possible shutter, without compromising the aesthetic of your shop-front or business.

Commercial roller shutters are ideal for:

  • School canteens and food service areas
  • Storage areas
  • Factory entrances and openings
  • Mobile transport and trailers
  • Patio/alfresco enclosures
  • Shop-front windows & front/rear entrances
  • Mining accommodation and offices
  • Wet-mess & bar area

Looking to learn more about the right commercial roller shutter for your business? Find specific materials, costs and benefits here.

Residential roller shutters in Perth

If you’re fitting roller shutters for your home you’ll have a few more decisions to make.

  • Will your shutters cover windows, doors or both?
  • Will you choose custom colours to suit your home’s decor?
  • Will you require spring-loaded shutters for additional safety around kids?

These are crucial considerations to take into account before you spend a single dollar. If you’re looking for full protection you may want to install residential shutters across all access points, or you may prefer to add a layer of security in the form of a garage roller door only.

When it comes to colours, will you opt for a neutral black or white, or choose a colour that stands out against the colour scheme of your neighbourhood?

Looking to learn more about the right residential roller shutter for your business? Find specific materials, costs and benefits here.

Manual or electric roller shutters?

Roller shutters can be controlled in two ways:

Both manual and electric provide the same layer of security, but it’s up to you to choose the roller shutter you prefer.

Manual roller shutter installation is typically cheaper, requiring you to raise and lower shutters on all doors and windows in your home by hand. While electric roller shutters – which may be controlled by a button or a remote – are typically more expensive to install but are easier to maintain. This results in lower demands for maintenance in the long run, so you won’t be spending big on repairs and upgrades.

WHAT TYPE OF ROLLER SHUTTER IS RIGHT FOR YOU? For Perth residents with limited mobility or physical ailments, electric roller shutters are easy to use. While manual shutters require no electrical power and are easier to install.

Consider your own needs to help you make the right decision.

What benefits are you most looking forward to?

Did you know roller shutters can reduce noise by up to 50%? And reduce energy bills by up to 40%?

Offering much more than security, installing roller shutters to your Perth home or business unlocks a wide range of exciting benefits. Knowing these advantages before you choose a Perth shutter door installation team can help you choose a shutter that’s ticking all your boxes.

Here are a few of the proven benefits of your own roller shutters:


The #1 benefit of roller shutters is the extra protection against burglars, vandals or accidental damage. With heavy-duty materials and the close fit of the aluminium shutter track, your property is safe whether you’re home or not.

As a bonus, when your shutters are down, people can’t see what’s in your home or business so there’s less temptation for an opportunistic break-in.

Noise Control

Living near a busy road or shopping centre can mean noise at all hours of the day and night. It’s easy to look at roller shutters and see their value as a security measure and deterrent to would-be thieves, but shutters can also block sound by 50% to 80%!

With insulation among the secure aluminium construction, you can keep external noise from disrupting your beauty sleep.

Light Control

Frustrated by the blinding sun hitting your living room each morning and making your home an uncomfortable place to relax? Roller shutters offer light control to block out sunlight or night lighting.

Security roller shutters can be lowered partially or fully to allow some light to pass through or to create a cosy, dark atmosphere perfect for movie nights in.

Weather Protection

Is your A/C unit running all summer? Roller shutters reduce thermal transfer (the heat coming in or being lost through your windows) by up to 90%. With your internal temperature regulated you can use your A/C less and slash your energy costs by up to 40%

Bushfire Protection

Living in Perth means hot and sunny days to spend at Scarborough Beach or heading on day trips throughout WA. But hot weather also brings an increased risk of bushfires.

When buying bushfire rated screens make sure they’re rated as bushfire attack level 40 – the highest possible safety rating. This will ensure burning embers (which are responsible for 80% of fire damage during bushfires) can’t sneak their way into your Perth home or business.

Are you ready to choose the right roller shutter for your Perth property?

Buying roller shutters is an exciting home improvement upgrade, but without the right planning, you can end up paying more than you should.

Start by figuring out what you need your roller shutter for – whether it’s your Perth business or home. The choice between manual operation or electric shutters comes next, followed by the benefits that you’re looking for.

Finally, weigh up the colour, style and size you need to find the shutter that’s right for you.

If you need help deciding on the roller shutters that suit your lifestyle, or if you’re ready to install sleek, cost-effective roller shutters to keep your home safe, contact Perth Homeguard for a Fast FREE Quote today

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