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What Is the Best Roller Shutter Material in Perth?

05.02.2023 By Dilate Digital Roller Shutters

Interested in securing your property with a strong but attractive roller shutter? That’s an excellent idea!

Roller shutters are a great way to increase the value of your home while also improving thermal efficiency, privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. That’s a lot for a single upgrade. Yet these benefits only apply once you choose the right kind of roller shutters made from the best possible material.

We’re going to look at the different roller shutter materials so you know which ones are suitable for your specific circumstances.

#1 – Aluminium shutters

Aluminium is one of the most popular roller shutter materials and with good reason. Aluminium roller shutters are light, strong, and resistant to corrosion. This is pretty much everything you could possibly look for in terms of roller shutter.

There are also multiple customisation options (though this stands for most materials) and lots of powder coating options. One of the reasons this is so popular is that it offers a fantastic weight to strength ratio. This is ideal for shutters designed to be able to prevent burglars but also roll up and down easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No painting required


  • More expensive than steel.
  • Not as strong as steel.

#2 – Steel shutters

Steel is something of a no-nonsense solution to prevent burglars. It is pretty much unmatched in terms of its strength, which is why it rivals aluminium as the most popular roller shutter material.

Steel is an option where you are looking for strength and security over aesthetic appeal. You’ll see it in a lot of industrial applications for this reason.


  • Strongest of all shutter materials
  • More affordable than aluminium
  • Easily available
  • Fire resistant


  • Conducts heat (not so good in warm conditions as an insulation material)
  • Prone to rusting (unless properly finished and maintained)
  • Needs to be painted
  • Not the most pleasing to the eye

#3 – PVC shutters

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a pliable material that is easy to customise and quite affordable. This material is mainly used where insulation is the primary concern, as it has useful properties in terms of thermal efficiency. For example, it’s not a good conductor of heat, unlike steel.

PVC can look very stylish and contemporary, but there is no hiding the fact that it’s often a budget option. It’s also not very strong and quite susceptible to damage.


  • Easily customisable
  • Very affordable
  • Good for insulation
  • Can look quite stylish


  • Low melting point
  • Not as strong as other materials
  • Not very long lasting

#4 – Timber shutters

There is no real argument that timber is the most aesthetically appealing of all the materials listed. This tends to be the case across industries: people simply love the traditional and timeless appeal of correctly finished timber.

Of course, this appeal comes with a downside. Hardwood is more expensive than PVC, steel, or aluminium. It has to be frequently maintained and can be prone to cracking or warping. There can also be a lack of uniformity in the wood. Hardwood timber, for these reasons, is often an unrealistic option.


  • Beautiful looking
  • Easy to shape and customise
  • Great insulator


  • Can be extremely expensive
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Can bend, twist, or warp without maintenance
  • Not as strong as steel or aluminium
  • Hard to repair and replace to match
  • Will not last as long as other options

#5 – Engineered wood shutters

Engineered wood is a way to get the best of a timber look but with the added benefits of affordability and endurance. Engineered wood is made from the fibres of timber bound together in a manufacturing process using a resin. The end result is a versatile wood that is easy to customise and more affordable than both hardwoods and softwoods.

It’s also more environmentally-friendly. Plywood is one of the original engineered woods. But you certainly don’t want plywood for your roller shutter materials! It’s too easy to break and is susceptible to dampness like many engineered woods. However, there are a huge number of engineered wood products that have all kinds of excellent capabilities, making them perfectly suited as a roller shutter material.


  • Easily customisable for a given purpose
  • Can be made stronger than natural timber
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to work with
  • More affordable than timber


  • Not as strong as steel or aluminium
  • Adhesives used in the manufacturing process may be toxic
  • Certain types are more prone to humidity induced warping

Roller shutter materials Perth: comparison table

The following table should give you an indication of the main strengths and weaknesses of each of the most popular roller shutter materials.

Remember that many shutters can be made of a mix of components. You’ll frequently get aluminium shutters with steel components, for instance. You will also find PVC roller shutter materials with steel rods for reinforcement.

Material Type Primary Advantages Primary Disadvantages
  • Light
  • Strong
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Secure
  • Expensive
  • Strong
  • Long lasting
  • Secure
  • Needs extensive finishing work
  • Poor insulation
  • Very affordable
  • Stylish looks
  • Good insulation properties
  • Not very strong
  • Susceptible to damage
  • Usually a budget option
  • Classical appeal
  • Lots of finishing options
  • Reasonably strong
  • Good insulation
  • Can be quite expensive 
  • Frequent maintenance required
Engineered Wood
  • Cheaper than wood
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to work with
  • Some kinds not suitable for shutters
  • Potentially toxic resins


How can I choose the right material for my roller shutters?

A lot depends on your individual circumstances as well as your industry. Steel shutters might be more prominent for industrial and large-scale commercial applications. This is because security is of increased importance here. But aluminium or timber with a good lock might do perfectly fine in a residential environment.

While in some ways it can seem like there are so many options in terms of roller shutter materials, the fact is that once you narrow down your preferences, there should be a clear winner.

PVC is used mainly due to its insulation properties and for people on a budget. Steel is often used for industrial applications or those looking only for security and not for style.

Aluminium tends to be the most popular option as it is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and long lasting. It might cost a bit more, but this increased cost is more than offset by the increased longevity, appeal, strength, and low maintenance requirements.

Are all roller shutters the same?

Absolutely not. In fact, there is a massive degree of variance when it comes to shutters in Perth. You might think you are getting a bargain when you are really just taking on undue risk for a lower quality roller shutter product. If the roller shutter is made from a low-grade material, such as polycarbonate, then it can be bashed in with a crowbar. It just offers an illusion of safety.

You also want to look for better forms of aluminium. The five main features to look for in order to find the best quality roller shutters in Perth are:

  1. Virgin aluminium and German motors
  2. No large gaps (criminals will be able to break in otherwise)
  3. A strong locking mechanism or wind clips to prevent entry
  4. A manual lock for manual shutters
  5. No-rust material (rusting metals are easier to break)

Where possible, it’s also best to use locally manufactured products with the highest standards of quality assurance offered in Australia. There are quite a lot of junk products coming from China and other regions that you quite simply don’t want anywhere in your house or business. When it comes to security and privacy, don’t take any chances.

What are the main benefits of roller shutters?

Security roller shutters have multiple benefits and are certainly a worthwhile investment if correctly installed. Some of the benefits include:

  • Security – Thieves will have a hard time breaking through them, to the point that they likely won’t even bother.
  • Safety – They can be bushfire rated, and cyclone shutters are designed to protect against severe storms.
  • Thermal efficiency – They will help regulate the temperatures inside in extreme heat and cold.
  • Save costs – With the insulation properties of quality shutters, you will save on electricity bills. For instance, a surprisingly large amount of energy is lost through the garage door, a forgotten area of home design.
  • Home value increase – Premium shutters can serve to increase home value, especially in the garage. It also assures potential buyers of the security of the home. They can even add to the aesthetic appeal if installed correctly.
  • Low maintenance – Though some maintenance is recommended, they are typically low maintenance. You really just roll them up and down as needed, and they work around the clock to protect your home.
  • Longevity – The best types in Perth will last 20 years or longer. They will often come with a warranty to reflect this.

It’s a sad fact that many shutters that claim to be high quality last less than 10 years. This is due to poor quality components, bad design, and incorrect quality assurance processes.

Correctly installed and maintained, they can easily last longer than 20 years. It’s a uniform sheet of aluminium with high-grade steel components, designed to be resistant to corrosion and the elements.

The weakest point is often the chain on a manual roller shutter. This should be lubricated with WD-40 periodically to ensure maximum longevity.

Find the best roller shutters in Perth

Ultimately, the best roller shutter material for your project will depend on your budget and how you intend to use them. Keep the benefits in mind as you explore each material type for a balance of security, value, and durability. And remember, shutters of nearly any type will be an upgrade in the safety and value of your home or business.

For both the best roller shutter material, fabrication, and provider, turn to the pros at Perth Homeguard. We have been in business for over 30 years supplying high-quality Perth security roller shutters to residents and businesses.

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