Which Type of Roller Shutter Is The Best For You?

10.26.2022 By Perth Homeguard Roller Shutters

231,000 Australian homes were broken into last year.

If thieves target your Perth home, do you have security measures in place to protect your family?

Roller shutters are a proven deterrent and security measure against crafty thieves and burglars. By dropping shutters you close off all access points to your home, while adding an attractive and modern accessory that turns heads. Offering additional protection against rain, wind and harmful UV rays, there’s no question they protect you.

The only question is, which type of roller shutter is suited to your lifestyle?

At Perth Homeguard we’ve got over 30 years of experience working in the local community and keeping our clients safe, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about shutters. If you’re ready to keep your home safe, here’s how to find which type of roller shutter is right for you.

Security Roller Shutters in Place to Protect Your Family


The classic roller shutter, manual shutters have long been popular with Perthians for the added security and safety when you’re away (or at home). Using a mechanism like a winder or crank, you can lower or raise your outdoor shutters any time you like.

Slightly less convenient than electric shutters, manual shutters are cheaper to install than their electric counterparts. This can help Perth homeowners save on installation and across the lifespan of their shutters. Fitted to doors or windows, your winding mechanism sits conveniently inside so you can protect your home 24/7 – while thieves are left outside with no access points.

It’s worth mentioning that manual shutters may not be suited to seniors or retirees enjoying the Western Australian sunshine. Although the winding mechanisms are designed to be user-friendly and simple, you’ll need to go around to each door and window individually and lower/raise them yourself.


✔ Cost-effective and easy to install

✔ Open or close one shutter only if you want

✔ No access to power needed (will work in blackout)


✘ Open and close each shutter individually

✘ May require extra servicing to maintain parts

✘ Physical task not suited to seniors or those with a disability

Electric Shutters

The most popular shutter type among Perth homeowners, electric shutters are powered by a small motor that opens and closes your shutters with ease. Say goodbye to manually winding your shutters (sore shoulders, anyone?) and say hello to the ultimate in home security and convenience.

Electric Shutters


Electric shutters are typically more expensive than manual shutters, but are easy to use and convenient no matter who’s home. Without any hard yakka required your shutters can be drawn and your home protected at the touch of a button. Electric shutters can also be hooked up to your home’s electricity supply, or connected to solar power for an energy efficient solution.

One of the major advantages of electric shutters is their versatility. As well as controlling your shutters with a single click, you can install sensors that automatically raise and lower your shutters based on the time of day. When the Perth sun starts to heat up your living room, your shutters can be programmed to lower and keep you and your family cool inside.


✔ Super convenient

✔ Easy to open and shut

✔ No manual labour required


✘ Extra parts may require servicing

✘ May be affected by power outages

✘ More expensive than manual shutters

Remote Shutters

Remote shutters are the latest innovation in home security offering the security of electric shutters with even more convenience. While traditional electric shutters rely on your home’s power grid, remote shutters run on battery powered remote controls and can keep your home safe during blackouts or when the power is out.

Remote Shutters


Home security has come a long way since the family dog acted as a lookout, with remote shutters able to be lowered and raised from the comfort of your couch or bed. With your own remote you can drop shutters to keep out the sun, or raise shutters without moving from the dinner table. Talk about a smart security system!

Perfect for windows, doors, garages or alfresco areas, remote shutters offer lasting peace of mind using leading home security technology.


✔ Highly convenient

✔ Unaffected by power outages or blackouts

✔ Operate multiple shutters with one remote


✘ Extra parts may require servicing

✘ More expensive than manual shutters

✘ Longer installation times than manual shutters

Which Roller Shutters Are Right for You?

If you’re after a modern, secure and highly effective form of home security you can’t go past roller shutters. CCTV cameras and alarms can make you feel safe, but they don’t stop burglars from entering your home. They keep the bad guys outside and keep everything inside safe and sound.

Choosing between manual, electric or remote shutters ultimately comes down to your budget and needs. The flexibility of available shutter types means you can focus on saving money, or focus on saving time – it’s 100% up to you.

If you need help deciding on the roller shutters Perth that suit your lifestyle, or if you’re ready to install sleek, cost-effective solutions to keep your home safe, contact Perth Homeguard for a Fast FREE Quote today

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