Which Security Door is Best For Your Home?

10.03.2022 By Perth Homeguard Security Doors

As a Perth property owner, investing in your home’s security will be one of the best moves you will ever make, hands down.

While crime may not be rife in your area, life is sometimes unpredictable—and to make your family feel safe and secure, choosing the right home security doors is more than advisable.

At Perth Homeguard, we know a thing or two about home security and here we’re going to give you the info you need to choose the best solution for your property.

Let’s start by looking at the benefits of these doors.

The benefits of home security doors?

As a Perth homeowner, installing the right security doors in your home will offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Protection: High-quality security doors will add a solid layer of security to your home, making it less vulnerable to theft, vandalism or intrusion. This will also provide extra peace of mind, whether you’re home or away.
  • Privacy: Some doors are fitted with designs that are built to offer extra in-home privacy—which in today’s world is paramount.
  • Infestation: As doors are incredibly robust and secure, they also help to keep out bugs and insects during the warmer months.
  • Value: Offering a perfect mix of aesthetics and home-protecting security, investing in security doors is likely to add value to your property.


Which security door is best for your Perth Home?

Now that you know the benefits of investing in Perth home security doors, let’s look at five popular designs. Explore each of the options below and it will soon become clear which kind of security doors perth will make the best investment for your home.

Hinged security doors

Typically, hinged security doors are strong yet subtle and fit like regular doors. Incredibly robust yet see-through, most hinged doors are fitted with a breathable, UV-protected mesh layer for increased airflow and vision without compromising on safety. A very popular choice for Perth homeowners.

Sliding security doors

Popular for wider openings like patios and larger external entrances, sliding security doors are slick, functional, and will fortify your home from harsh weather or intruders no end. Another real-plus point of our sliding doors is they will not only enhance the look of your home but come fitted with a choice of a protective cyclone mesh or a security-boosting diamond mesh.

Pool regulation-compliant security doors

It may sound glaringly obvious, but having a swimming pool of some variety in your yard or garden, investing in a pool regulation-compliant security door is probably your best option. As you may already know, outdoor pools are very tempting for trespassers—but a specialist security door will provide the protection you need while keeping your children safe from the water’s edge. Self-latching, self-closing, stylish, and secure, our poolside doors are second to none.

Colonial barrier doors

Heavy duty but pleasing to the eye, Colonial barrier doors offer equal measures of class and long lasting security in one colossal package. Hinged and fitted with a choice of solid aluminium flywire mesh and security locksets for added strength, our Colonial barrier doors will make an excellent investment for your home. Privacy, protection, and property-enhancing style guaranteed.

Emergency escape screens

Okay, these technically are security screens—but they’re certainly worth mentioning as in life, anything can happen. Designed for protection in events like bushfires, extreme storms, and a list of other potential disasters, our emergency escape screens provide external security while offering a viable evacuation route in the event of an emergency. Invest in one of these and you’re sure to sleep better night after night.

Explore our popular home security options in greater detail and you’re sure to make the perfect choice for your home. Oh, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we offer custom made security doors tailored to your specific needs.

“If you want a product that will do the job of protecting your home and assets properly, you need to invest in their products. The products which provide best security in home as well as office.”—Nikki Paul

As Perth’s trusted security door specialists, we have the skills and expertise to deliver the goods when it comes to your home. Perth Homeguard security doors are handmade locally and we’re so confident about the quality of our products, we’re proud to offer a 10-year warranty—we offer interest-free finance too.

Ready to secure your home the right way? Fill out our form for a fast FREE quote or if you have any burning security-related questions, please do fire away. We’ve got you covered.

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