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5 Benefits of Having a Security Screen in Your Home

10.03.2022 By Perth Homeguard Security Screens

The security of your home and the people that live in it is no doubt the most important thing in your world.

Life is unpredictable, and for the most part, it’s impossible to predict when a crime may happen, or a climate emergency might present itself.

The benefits of home security screen?

In Perth and many parts of Western Australia, screens are rising in popularity—and for good reason. As home protection becomes more of a priority among Perth homeowners, security screens are emerging as the go-to solution for long-term safety and peace of mind.

When it comes to protecting your most prized assets—your home and your loved ones—you need a solution that is not only effective but is built to go the distance. And, as we may have mentioned, Perth screens are the answer.

Here’s why.

Maximum security

Naturally, the main function and benefit of a robust security screen or door are increased security.

Designed to protect your home against invasions or break-ins, solid home security screens are fortified in every way (from the handles to the hinges, and beyond) and made with high-grade materials like steel.

As such, you will maximize the security of your home and reduce the chances of a break-in significantly. Install the right screens for your home and you will enjoy maximum safety and of course, peace of mind.

Improved ventilation

Often, when people think about home security, they envision a dark, stuffy property that is completely sealed off from the outside world. But, with modern security screens, this really isn’t the case.

Offering ergonomic features that will allow you to open up your security screens and let the natural light in and breathable mesh or grille designs that provide natural ventilation, you no longer have to choose between comfort and security—now you can have it all.

Plus, the improved ventilation provided by security screens could even save you on your energy bills by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Protection from the elements

As you will know, the climate in Western Australia can sometimes be a little extreme or unpredictable.

Not only will the right security screens provide you and your home a little protection from the external elements—but they will also keep out insects including mosquitos during the warmer months.

Yes, security screens or doors will help to keep your home infestation-free.

Internal safety

If you have pets and children at home, keeping them safe and sound while they’re at home is no doubt at the very top of your priority list.

Now, at this point, you will understand that security screens will protect you from external forces, but you may not know that they will also look after your furry friends or little ones internally.

Most security screens worth their salt will include safety features that will prevent your pets or toddlers from escaping outside and encountering danger when your back is turned—which, of course, is priceless.

Property value

Last but certainly not least in our list of Perth home security screen benefits we come to property value.

Another brilliant perk of having your home fitted with security screens is that they make a wise financial investment.

The increased security and eye-catching nature of modern security screens actually help to add to property’s value—a benefit that will pay off no end in the long-run.

So, to answer the question, are home security screens worth it? The answer (and we’re sure you’ll agree) is yes.

Home security screens are without a doubt one of the best investments you will ever make—protecting your home and loved ones is priceless, after all.

If you’re interested in getting security screens fitted at your Perth property, we can help. With over 30 years of experience, we have the products and the know-how to meet your needs down to the very last detail.

“Got one of the best quality of security solution from Perth Home guard with the best price compared with other sellers.”—Pankaj Paswan

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