7 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Perth Property

10.03.2022 By Perth Homeguard Security Doors

A burglary occurs in Australia every three to four minutes. One in five Australian homes have been burgled at some point in their existence. 75% of burglars take less than five minutes to gain entry to a property.

Statistics like these highlight the threat of home invasion. While Australia is one of the safest countries in the world, it’s naïve to think that they don’t happen. Everyone knows someone who has experienced a break-in.

Thankfully there are a number of simple and effective ways that you can guard against such events. From camera systems to security shutters in Perth, let’s take a look at seven of the most effective ways to protect your WA property.

Roller shutters

Many home owners will install roller shutters Perth for their look or their functionality – they bring a distinct feel to a home, while improving your privacy and keeping nature out. But one of their most enticing features is actually security; cyclone shutters, for example, are every bit as good at keeping people out as they are WA’s most intense storms.

By covering brittle, fragile glass with strong metal, you can rest easy that no intruder will be able to gain access to your property through the windows.

Motion detection security system

An electronic option that can send potential intruders running, motion detection systems do exactly what they say on the box, sounding alarms or calling a control centre when a potential intruder is discovered. These systems can be set up either indoors or outside around access points (a better option for pet owners or families with young children.)

Truth be told, the most valuable feature of these systems is often the sticker that the security provider gives you for your front window. Burglars are looking for the lame deer of the herd, so if they see you advertising your security credentials, they’re far less likely to target you.

Security cameras

An upgrade on motion detection security systems, camera systems are perfect for those who want evidence. These systems are obviously more expensive, but they grant you the ability to monitor your home at any time, and also press charges against potential intruders, should it come to that.

Modern camera systems aren’t just great for security either; by linking them to your smartphone, you can also keep an eye on the kids or pets while you’re away!

Security doors and screens

Anyone who has ever renovated will tell you that walls are really hard to break through, so as far as intruders are concerned, the most obvious way to gain entry to your home are your traditional access points – your doors.

By installing security doors or security screens in Perth, you’ll be adding serious protection to your home’s most vulnerable points. While in the past security doors haven’t exactly been catwalk models, these days there’s no need to make your home look like Alcatraz – hinged and sliding security doors come in a wide range of beautiful finishes that can add both security and beauty to your property.

Automatic lighting

Make a potential intruder feel like a literal deer in the headlights. By installing motion detection lighting around your property, particularly at access points, intruders will no longer enjoy the cover of darkness, which is often all it takes to send them running.

Plant a green barrier

Security systems don’t have to be sharp metal eyesores. A row of beautiful, thorny rosebushes or some other pointy plant can prove to be an effective deterrent to would-be criminals looking for an easy target. By planting them around the most vulnerable points of your home, you’ll create a stunning, natural and almost impenetrable barrier.

Roses, as well as plants like holly, whitethorn and berberis, also add to the value of your property. The only disadvantage is the maintenance, as the thorns don’t discriminate, and will poke you just as hard as a burglar!

Even in one of the world’s luckiest countries, there’s no way to stop break-ins. What a home owner can do, however, is reduce their risk. By using these seven strategies to protect your Perth property, you’ll be far less likely to become one of those earlier statistics.

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