Guide To Choosing The Right Security Doors Supplier in Perth

10.03.2022 By Perth Homeguard Security Doors

Security doors are arguably the most important aspect of home security. They guard the most vulnerable part of your property, its access points, against the most common type of intruder, the opportunist.

Your choice of security in Perth used to be quite limited. Every option was basic and functional (the terms boring and ugly perhaps could’ve instead been used), and would only serve a single simple purpose.

But in recent decades Perth security doors have evolved. They are now beautiful and multifunctional, available in a wide range of looks and finishes, and with a full range of security credentials, from the most basic to the almost impenetrable.

So, with such a wealth of choice now available, how do you choose the right door? How do you identify the security door suppliers in Perth you can trust, and which of their products is right for you?

Let’s take a look at six considerations that every home owner should make when shopping for the perfect security door.

Hinged vs sliding

The first question to answer is a simple one: do I want my door to swing or slide? A large portion of security doors are retrofitted to existing properties, so this choice will often be made for you. But if you are installing a new door in a new house, consider whether:

  • There’s enough room for hinged security doors to swing.
  • There’s enough wall space for sliding security doors to roll into.
  • You want to choose from more door options (hinged doors have a greater variety of looks.)
  • You want to look out from the door (sliding security doors are generally better at offering views.)
  • You want it to last (hinged doors can be treated rougher and will usually last longer.)

Plain vs decorative

The second consideration is the look. Security doors can be made from a wealth of strong materials, so it’ll be up to you whether you want a subtle design or something more spectacular. Colonial barrier doors are an example of how beautiful a security door can be; custom-designed decorative metalwork can see the door perfectly matching even the most unique and historic of homes.

Other considerations include:

Special features

Security doors aren’t just there to protect your property from intruders. There are other types of security doors that serve different functions, including:

  • Pool protection: To protect kids and pets and comply with government regulations, a Perth home owner must restrict access to their pool. The access point must meet a number of criteria, including being self-closing and self-latching, and have the latch mechanism at least 1500mm high off the ground.
  • Bushfire rating: In areas prone to bushfires, a fire-rated screen can protect your home from airborne embers and even direct flames, keeping the flames outside. All bush fire rated screens must be manufactured and tested to AS 3959-2009.
  • Cyclonic screens: Built to handle both severe weather conditions and the most aggressive intruders, cyclonic screens represent the ultimate in-home security, ensuring that whatever is outside doesn’t get in.


A police-licensed installer

Under both federal and WA state law, every security installer must be police-licensed. This means that the installer is registered with the WA Police, that they have completed the necessary training, that the installation will be covered by insurance, and that the installer must adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Always check that your security door installer is police-licensed. Ideally, they’ll also be a member of SAIWA – the Security Agents Institute of Western Australia.

Price and financing

Are you getting the best price possible? While many companies will ship in cheap doors from overseas, the best security door suppliers and installers will offer a great price without sacrificing quality. Look for a supplier that makes their own security doors, and can, therefore, offer factory-direct pricing to customers.

And if they offer interest-free finance, you can secure your property now, and pay for that protection later!


If their product is supposed to protect your property and your family, a security door manufacturer should have the utmost confidence that it will last. A warranty is proof of that confidence; assurance that even if something does go wrong, the supplier/installer will be on hand to fix the issue straight away. If a door doesn’t come with a 10 year warranty, this should raise serious questions about its quality.

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