Security Mesh and Sliding Doors in Perth

Viewclear doors - custom made for most sizesProtect your Family, Property & Valuables with the Ultimate Security Product!

VIEWCLEAR Stainless Steel mesh security doors & screens are the ideal security solution in Perth & all areas, with strength and durability guaranteed, for your paramount protection without obstructing your views. Security Products available in Perth using this remarkable Marine Grade 316 mesh:

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Marine Grade 316 high tensile woven stainless steel  security mesh has been developed to withstand testing conditions. Tested and passed to Australian Standards (see reports below).
  • Woven stainless steel wire mesh, in durable UV protected black powdercoat colour, allows unobstructed vision & airflow both ways.
  • A unique patented “tension wedge grip” system is used to secure the mesh into the frame. No rivets or screws, therefore a very neat finish & corrosion resistant.
  • Visually attractive & stylish security doors – no unsightly bars or grille patterns.
  • The closely woven mesh prevents fingers from being able to reach keys Viewclear Stainless Steel mesh sliding dooror unlocking the internal snib. Makes it impossible to pull the security screen free from frame as there are no attachment points.
  • Precision-made to provide the maximum enforcement against all elements, our security hinged doors, security sliding doors and window security screen frames can be powder coated to suit any building. 
  • The paramount security solution against burglars, vandals, insects & flying debris.
  • Ideal for enclosing your patio and alfresco areas. (see Enclosure Protection)
  • Easy care & maintenance



Bush Fire Testing BAL 40

Floatng ember safe

National Authority of Testing Australia
Knife Sheer Testing  National Authority of Testing Australia
Dynamic Impact Test National Authority of Testing Australia
Jemmy Test National Authority of Testing Australia
Pull Test National Authority of Testing Australia

Maintenance & Care for security doors and screens

Your Viewclear Stainless Steel mesh security doors & security screens should only ever be washed down with a very soft bristled brush or cloth, using warm mains water and a mild detergent. Rinse well with mains water to remove any detergent residue paying particular attention to ensure ALL residue is flushed from the mesh retaining areas of the frame. Only mains water is to be used.