Security Doors & Screens

Perth residents care about security. And that’s why they know that security doors and screens are so important to them. They are designed to keep their home and possessions as safe as they possibly can be. We offer the very best home security doors, made from the very best materials. Our aim is to provide our customers not only with top products, but also with the peace of mind that comes with them. When you own your home, and you’re worried about keeping it safe, there is nothing more important than this. Our security doors, stainless steel doors, sliding doors and escape screens will not let our customers down. We can also offer the best commercial security doors to business owners.

Inferior products to our own will only let people down. If you want a product that will do the job of protecting your home and assets properly, you need to invest in our products. It’ll be an investment in yours and your family’s security for a long time to come too. Not only do we offer the best products but we also have the very best tradesmen who can do the hard work for you. They have years of experience and the skills to install your new door or screen in the correct way. They can do work in the Perth metro or suburbs areas at a time that suits you. As soon as you have chosen which products you need, they will be able to fit them quickly.

There is no need to wait around for your purchase to be installed. We know that you want the work over and done with as soon as possible. First of all, though, you need to know which of our products are best for you and your home. Below you’ll find all the information you need.

Security Doors

Our stainless steel doors are built to be the ideal security solution for your home. It will help to keep your home, family and possessions safe at all times of the day and night. We guarantee that the security doors we sell will provide you with protection. And you can also be sure that the view out of the glass in your doors. We have so many different types of security doors that can be used to address the security concerns you might have as a homeowner. We use Marine Grade 316 mesh to keep our doors strong and durable for a long time to come.

We can provide customers with all kinds of doors for different needs. There are hinged doors, sliding doors and pool regulation security doors. On top of that, we sell doors that are manufactured to suit homes with specific mobility home requirements. We understand that all homes are different, and there are different home security needs to be found in each of them. No matter what kind of security doors you need in your home, you need to be sure that you’re buying the best. We can assess the situation and offer the home security solution that works best for you.

What are the main benefits of investing in a top of the range security door for your home though? The Marine Grade 316 mesh we use in outdoors is one of the main reasons you should consider buying. It has been created to withstand all kinds of harsh and testing conditions. The material has been tested to Australian Standards and passed, meaning you know you can trust it. The mesh is secured into the frame using a tension wedge grip system. The fact that no screws or rivets need to be used in this process means that it provides the homeowner with a clean and fresh finish.

We can offer a powder coating service to any of the doors we provide in order to ensure they suit any building. The thing that matters most of all though is the fact that the doors act as a protection against all the problems that can arise for homeowners. Whether it’s storm damage, debris, vandals or burglars, they can all be kept at bay by the security doors. And we aim to provide the best and correct security doors for every single customer we do business with.

The ease with which you can take care of and maintain these doors is also very handy for people with busy lives. Your steel security doors only need to be washed down with a soft brush or cloth. Alongside this, use warm water and a mild detergent that you can get easily from a shop. When you have washed the door in this way, it should be rinsed down with clean mains water.

Security Grille Doors

We also stock and sell security grille doors for people who are looking for some extra strength. These kinds of doors are the ones that keep potential burglars and criminals out of your property. That’s why they need to be strong and resilient, no matter what is thrown at them. We keep this in mind when producing our security grille doors. And the strength of them is our number one priority from start to finish. Maximum protection is what most people are looking for when they want to make their homes secure. Everything else is secondary, but that doesn’t mean our security grille doors can’t do other things.

For a start, we produce security grille doors that have designs and colours that are stylish. You’ll be sure to find something that matches the appearance and design of your home or building. Each door can be manufactured with a range of extra features that should meet your needs and requirements. A one-way lookout mesh design gives you the privacy and security you need. While a 3-point system for locking the doors only adds to that level of security and safety you get from our products. Additional options include PETWAY pet doors, which are available in a range of different sizes. And an automatic self closer for sliding doors.

We can also offer you a range of other services that can help you with your security grille doors. If you have a problem with an existing security grille door in your home, we can assist you. Alterations sometimes need to be carried out to make the door more suitable and reliable. Damage can be sustained to these doors as well. Luckily, we know how to carry out important repairs on them in a safe and precise way. It’s never a great idea to try to carry out your own repairs if you don’t really know what you’re doing. When your existing security grille door needs to be removed, we can do that for you as well. Whatever your problem is, don’t hesitate to contact us and enquire about how we can help you. We’ll strive to solve each every concern you have. 

Security Film

There is not much sense in installing a secure door in your home if the glass panels in the door can be broken with ease. This gives burglars easy entry into the home. And in the event of a storm, it can cause expensive damage that any homeowner would want to avoid. That’s why we focus on providing secure panels on our doors, and each of them is fitted with security film. It might sound strange to you that a layer of film can keep the glass extra safe, but that’s exactly what it does. We ensure that all your glass is safe by using this technique.

The security film has a long laminated layer. This is completely clear, so it won’t affect the visibility of your windows in any way. Once it’s in place, it begins to bond to the glass. If someone were to try and break the glass, it would hold in place. The glass might shatter, but the shattered fragments will be held in place by the film. This means that the security of your building can be upheld at all times, even when someone bad does occur. There is also a scratch-resistant coating that can ensure that your glass stays looking new and fresh no matter how long it’s been in place. We use TotalTine safety and security film. It’s one of the best quality films on the market, so it can do its job properly.

Every door or window can do its job when things are going well. But we provide the kinds of secure doors and glass that can perform under pressure and testing conditions. That offers homeowners the peace of mind they want. If the glass on your door could be easily broken, it wouldn’t be doing its job correctly. It would offer a way into the home. And even if the problem were caused by debris or storm damage, you’d be left with a big bill at the end of it. It’s not something that you should have to accept, so contact us and invest in a door that can cope with whatever’s thrown at it.

Our products are smart & appealing, enhancing your home’s appearance as well as security. Your home does not need to look like a fortress or a prison. The products come in a variety of colours to suit your building, and the parts such as hinges and locks are strong and secure. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.