Residential Aluminium Roller Shutters

Our roller shutters are the perfect solution to many problems in your home. All of our roller shutters are custom made in our WA factory so that they fit your requirements exactly. You might be looking for extra security or better climate control. Whatever you want, we can fit shutters to your doors and windows to fulfil your needs. Aluminium home roller shutters are multi-functional, taking care of many jobs at once. When you choose them for your home, you can be safe in the knowledge that your family is protected.

Roller Shutters for Residential and Light Commercial Properties

Our residential roller shutters are suitable for home use. You can also use them for light commercial purposes. They are primarily designed for residential properties. However, they are also useful for shops and other premises. If you live or work in Perth or anywhere in WA, we can build roller shutters that meet your needs. Our home and commercial roller shutters are both designed to offer protection. They also benefit from improved energy efficiency, easy use and minimal maintenance. These versatile products can be created to it in with your property. We will match the colour to your taste and to your property’s existing style.

Benefits of Multi-functional Roller Shutter Features

Our electric roller shutters have an incredible range of features and benefits. Homeowners are attracted to them for many different reasons. Whatever draws them to choose aluminium roller shutters, they receive all their features. Residential roller shutters can offer all of these excellent benefits to any property:

    • Enhanced security, providing you with peace of mind
    • Internal controls for easy use
    • Insulating qualities to keep heat in and protect from the sun
    • You could save up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs
    • Protection from bushfires during the summer
    • Storm protection to prevent damage to your home from strong winds
    • Noise reduction for an improved, more peaceful lifestyle
    • Light control so that you can have more say over your home environment
    • Airflow control helps to keep your home cool or warm and creates a healthier home
    • Can be used to enclose outside entertaining areas for privacy
    • Offers privacy inside your home by covering windows
    • Excellent value for money compared to other types of shutter and security systems
    • Easy maintenance that requires minimal attention.

Read more about some of these incredible benefits below. You can learn what aluminium shutters could do for your home. The number of benefits they provide means that you get excellent value for the price you pay. Plus, our custom manufacturing process means no two shutters are the same. Each one is designed to match your home, from bay windows to doors.

Protect and Secure Your Property

roller shutters on residenceEnhancing security is one of the key motivators for people buying our shutters. Our security roller shutters add extra protection to your home by reinforcing the windows or doors. If you want to protect your home from crime, our purpose-built shutters are just what you need. Their robust construction will prevent burglars and vandals from entering your home. They act as a deterrent to anyone who might attempt a break-in. In particular, they protect your windows, which are vulnerable entry points. Our shutters are installed with internal controls, so no one will be able to raise them from outside. They have a unique automatic locking system. It prevents their opening without the use of the controls inside.

Better Climate Control for Your Home

Residential shutter (1)The greater climate control that comes with our window roller shutters is another excellent reason to install them in your home. Shutters on your windows allows you to combat the weather of Western Australia. You can get protection from the strong summer sun, as well as better insulation for the cooler months. Your energy bills could be reduced by up to 40%. You may be able to save a lot of money on your heating and cooling costs thanks to your shutters. The reflective quality of the aluminium combats the sun’s rays, deflecting up to 90% of the heat. The loss of heat can be an issue in winter, but our shutters can reduce heat loss by up to 50%.

Protect Against Storms and Fires

Residential shutters - blocking out sunOur window shutters and roller shutter doors also offer protection from the weather. Bushfires can cause a lot of worry during the summer months in WA. If you’re concerned that either smoke or fire could affect your home, a set of shutters can help to ease your mind. They can provide protection from bushfires, as well as damage caused by storms. High winds and debris that may be carried by them could damage the windows or doors of your home. Our Rollashield Residential Profile shutters add extra protection to glass. They can keep anything away, from burning embers to hail.

Halve Noise in Your Home

Many homes can suffer from noise pollution from the road. Homeowners may also have to hear activity from neighbours, or perhaps even planes. Aluminium roller shutters can offer an excellent solution for this issue. Our shutters have undergone independent tests to find out how well they control noise. They have been proven to reduce noise through windows when they’re open. Our shutters don’t only keep out the noise from outside. Roller shutters can also contain noise inside the house. So you can ensure you don’t bother your neighbours or passersby.

Better Control of Light, Airflow, and Privacy

Customised to suitThe slat profile of our residential roller shutters is vented. This design allows for our customers to adjust their shutters to different positions. You can have superior control over the light and air that you let into your home. The function also makes it easier to get the privacy you need. You won’t have to block and light and air from your home completely. However, you can also close the shutters entirely and keep out the light. This is ideal for light sleepers who might be disturbed by moonlight or street lights. It’s also useful for shift workers who need to sleep during the day.

Choice of Controls for Your Shutters

Our custom-fit window shutters and roller shutter doors offer a choice of controls. There are two types of manual control, one with a winder handle and one with a strap. There’s also the option of an electric control or override system with electric control. For distance control, you can use a remote control system with handsets. We also provide spring-loaded shutters, which have a bottom bar lock. Finally, you can choose to have a manual M6 box winder with a rod. This choice of controls for your shutters allows you to pick one that suits you home and lifestyle.

Improved Visual Appearance

Versatile roller shuttersThere’s no need to be hesitant about getting rolling shutters due to their appearance. Our sleek shutters won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your property. We offer a choice of colours so they can complement your home instead of marring its look. They sit flush against the profile of your house. They don’t add extra bulk or look obtrusive.

Add Value to Your Home

Shutter in Black profileOur aluminium roller shutters can even add value to your home. They protect your windows from damage to help keep your property in great condition. Extra security and improved aesthetics both contribute to the value of your home. If you’re trying to build value before selling in the future, installing roller shutters is a sensible idea. It will improve the first impression potential buyers get when they approach your property.

Direct from Our Factory to You

We sell our aluminium roller shutters straight to you. You won’t deal with any extra hurdles. We manufacture all our shutters ourselves in our Perth factory. We service the entire Perth metro area. We also welcome enquiries from regional Western Australia. Your journey starts with an expert consultation with a member of our team. We make each roller shutter to fit your custom specifications. We stay with you until we have installed your shutters for you. All our installers are police licensed. So you can be sure that your shutters are secure and installed safely.

Minimal Maintenance

Bay Window roller shuttersOur aluminium roller shutters require very little maintenance. There are a few guidelines you should follow to ensure that your shutters last. For example, you should avoid moving your electric shutters up and down too quickly. Instead, waiting a few minutes between movements is better for the mechanism. Your aluminium shutters should be cleaned every six months or so. You can read our short Roller Shutter Care and Maintenance information sheet. It shows you how easy it is to care for your shutters. It’s easy to look after them yourself, helping you to save more money.

Contact us today to enquire about installing aluminium roller shutters in your home. Their many benefits can transform your property. If the extra security and climate control isn’t enough, purchasing roller shutters can save you money.

If you need something more robust, look out for our commercial roller shutters range. You can also check out our cheap viagra or cialis cyclonic shutters for ultimate storm protection.


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Care & Maintenance

Roller Shutter Care & Maintenance information sheet.