Cyclonic Aluminium Roller Shutters

Super Shutter Series

The Super Shutter Series is a new shutter than can serve homes and business. It uses the Stormshield HDF (High Density Foam) slat profile and restrained slat inserts. It also uses heavy duty guides. The greater density allowed by the HDF slat profile allows for the slat inserts to be screwed into place. This is much better than the alternative of having to attach them by punching or stapling them. That’s what you would normally be forced to do with standard slats.

This shutter is designed to be stronger than the alternatives. Whether it’s for commercial or residential uses, the shutter will have the strength to combat harsh weather. The structure formed when the slats meet with the guides is exactly what you need to ensure security.

There would need to be a huge amount of force exerted on the connection to cause the slat and guide to disengage. The force would need to be much greater than the kind of force that would be required to cause this disconnection on other shutters.

AR400 ‘HDF’ Slat Profile

AR400 ‘HDF’ Slat Profile insert-cyclonic
The AR400 HDF slat profile integrates the guide profile to lock within a central channel. It’s this that allows it to remain strong. It would take a great deal of force to cause it to disengage. The added force placed on the restrained guide is built so that it can be dealt with easily. The thicker walls and the deeper engagement of the design allows the restraining slat to be inserted without problems.
The slat is coated before it’s formed. This is important because it means the metal will be protected from damage and corrosion. It’s another example of how the slat has been designed for increased strength and resilience. Thanks to this, it’s expected that the slat profile will perform well for a long time to come. It has many advantages over other shutters that don’t have the design or strength to offer the same level of security.

Cyclone Rated Super Shutter

Every shutter has to go through a testing process that determines how strong and safe it is. The rating that all shutters aim for is the Cyclone Rating. In Australia, there are a set of Australian Standards that have to be met in order for the Cyclone Rating to be awarded. The Super Security Shutter has been tested and Ozroll have advised that is be awarded the Cyclone Rating. This shutter, which incorporates the AR400 HDF slat, underwent cyclone tests. This happened at the Cyclone Testing Station in Queensland. The fact that it’s been awarded this important rating shows how strong and reliable the shutter will be. That’ll be the case for people wanting shop shutters of residential roller shutters.

The testing that the shutters underwent involved using an air box facility. This then creates the conditions that are brought about during a tropical cyclone. By mimicking the real world conditions that arise during these extreme weather events, the testing is reliable. During the testing, enormous loads can be simulated, and the shutters are tested when they’re installed to the wall. That’s exactly how they would be fitted and installed in a real world scenario.

You should never purchase shutters if they haven’t been through this cyclone testing process. If you do, you will run the risk of not getting the protection for your home or commercial property that you need. That’s the kind of risk that’s worth taking when it comes to security and protection. Cyclones can cause real damage to your property, so it’s not the kind of threat you can afford to ignore. Security roller shutters have to be secure first and foremost. When you do buy quality shutters from us, control options can be discussed with a specialist consultant.

Two Australian Standards for roller shutters were satisfied by the Super Shutter Series:

  1. Security Roller Shutters Australian Standard AS / NZS 1170.2 – 2002 Structural Design Action Part 2. Wind Actions was used to determine the cyclonic wind loading for roller shutters fitted to an average house. That house has an average roof height of 5m. For the most accurate tests, it was positioned in a sheltered Terrain Category 3 Region C cyclonic location. The wind speed is calculated to be 47 metres per second (169.2 kl/h).
  2. The Australian Standard AS 4040. 3 – 1992 Methods of Testing Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding, Method 3. Resistance to Wind Pressures for regions affected by cyclones was used to a final load pressure of 2.50 kPa. This is important because it is needed to meet the necessary requirements.
Super cyclonic security shutters perthThe AR 400 HDF Perforated Slats are available in these colours:

We understand the cyclonic shutters don’t just need to offer protection and security. Of course, this is their main function and purpose. But there is much more to them than that. Whether they’re being used on a commercial building or a home, how they look also matters a great deal. You’ll want the shutters to fit in with the overall design of your building’s exterior, and that’s understandable. Luckily, we offer a variety of colours for you to choose from.

The ARF400 HDF perforated slats are available in colours such as white, cream, sand and black. These help to fit in with the existing appearance of your property. The same colours are available for the boxing covers, as well as deep ocean blue and woodland grey. This means that there will be a suitable colour for all buyers.

Technical Specifications:

The nominal overall shutter width of the shutter is 2000mm (overall the guides). And the width of the aluminium roller shutter slats is 1840mm. With the box, the height of the overall shutter structure is 2000mm. There is a clear opening between the guides, and this is 1805mm in length.

The roller shutter needs to he fitted in the correct way, and we know how to do this. It must be fitted with a bottom guide to the full width of the exposed curtain. This is important because it then allows the curtain bottom bar section to close down into the bottom guide section in the right way. For the test the shutter was attached to the air box testing jig by fastening to Z 150×15 purlin supports running across the air box. It used ‘14 – 10 x 42mm, self drilling screws at 450 mm centres.

The Test Results:

The test results achieved are very important. If you want to know how secure and safe your home will be kept by these shutters, you need to know what the results were. You don’t need to be an expert to tell that the results of these cyclonic shutters were very positive indeed. These test results give home and business owners the reassurance they need when they’re buying wind rated shutters.

Passing cyclic fatigue loads of 10,200 cycles, the Super Shutter proved its worth when put to the test. The roller shutter supported the final single cycle pressure of 2.5 k Pa for a minute.

This means that the shutter passed. The roller shutter deflection increased to a distance of 82 mm from the standard rest position during the tests. All this means that the shutters are ready to deal with cyclones and protect your property.

Care & Maintenance

Security Shutters PerthWhen you have roller shutters installed on your property, it’s vital to make sure that you look after them properly. It’s only possible to keep your roller shutters running smoothly if you’re prepared to look after them in the correct way. Without the right care and maintenance, they will not function in the way they should. And, of course, they won’t look as new and fresh as you want them to either.

There are some general care procedures that you will have to focus on if you want to keep them in good shape. You can move the shutters up and down will cause the thermostat to kick in, and this can stop the shutters overheating. Then you should wait a few minutes before using them again, depending on the temperature of the air.

When you have electric roller shutters, it’s important to know how to use and operate the settings. The settings should be on ‘off’ when the shutters are not in use. Many people simply leave them on ‘up’ or ‘down’, but this is a mistake. And before the shutter is wound down, it’s important to ensure that there is nothing underneath it that could cause damage or problems. The guides shouldn’t be obstructed in any way when the curtain is in downward movement.

Cleaning the roller shutters is also important. You should start by removing any loose dirt or grime with a wet sponge. When you are wiping the curtains of the shutter, never do so in a side to side motion. Instead, you should use an up and down motion. Don’t use abrasive soap on them, instead, use non-abrasive cleaning fluids that won’t do any harm to the shutters. Harsh solvents and abrasive cleaning products will damage the coating of the shutters. You can then clean them down with a hose to get rid of any of the cleaning product that remains on the shutters.

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