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Commercial Aluminium Roller Shutters

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We manufacture and install Commercial Roller Shutters in Perth to suit your requirements, using only top quality products for ultimate durability & protection for Perth & WA conditions. With our personalised expertise & professional service, you can be assured of getting the most suitable customised product for your situation.

Sentry Fireshield (AE401 profile)

“Sentry” AE401 Extruded Slat Profile low cost generic viagra Sentry-Fireshield is ideal to use for Commercial Roller Shutters as well as residential roller shutters, or  when added Strength, Toughness and enhanced Security are required. There are a range of controls to suit your requirements. Commercial Roller ShuttersCommercial Roller Shutters on Perth Zoo Cafe

Security Roller Shutters Multi-functional features and benefits:

  • Security & protection 
  • Bush Fire Tested & Appraised (report below)
  • Barrier against adverse weather conditions
  • Strength with light weight materials
  • Controls to suit your situation – manual; electrical; spring-loaded; remote and/or override systems
  • Internal controls
  • Easy, minimal maintenance
  • Added value to the property

Commercial Roller Shutters Applications:

  • Shop-front windows & front / rear entrances
  • Mining accommodation and offices
  • Wet-mess & Bar areas
  • Homes / premises in high wind areas
  • School canteens & food servery areas
  • Storage areas
  • Factory entrances & openings
  • Mobile transport & trailers
  • Patio / Alfresco Enclosures
  • Partitioning between sections of building

AE401 Unperforated Extruded Slat Profile

Manufactured to the highest standards with state of the art equipment, the Sentry AE401 slat profile is a 40mm curved profile; the overall profile appearance is clean and stylish with only a slight “V” groove line on the convex side. It is a non-vented profile. Sentry-Fireshield

Most of the controls allow you to lift the curtains to any level you choose, blocking out sunlight as required.

Available in several coloured coatings that are long lasting and fade resistant under the demanding Australian conditions, but can also be powder coated in a colour of your choice.

Commercial Roller Shutters Perth Spring Loaded Control Commercial Roller Shutters Roller Shutters Perth


AE401 Unperforated Extruded – Slat Colours

Unperforated Extruded – White

Unperforated Extruded – Cream

Unperforated Extruded – Sand

Unperforated Extruded – Black

Unperforated Extruded – Natural Anodised

Unperforated Extruded – Deep Ocean Blue

Unperforated Extruded – Woodland Grey

Unperforated Extruded – Mill Finish

Ozroll AE401 EXTRUDED SHUTTERS tested to withstand

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40


It is common knowledge that hot or burning embers entering the home during a bushfire is a major factor in the ignition of the building itself. There have been factual accounts where the Ozroll roller shutters have been credited with saving homes from burning to the ground when other surrounding properties were not so fortunate. After recent fires in Victoria, further testing was completed for a greater exposure to radiant heat. Testing with the CSIRO for a higher rating using our AE401 extruded aluminium shutter was completed in November 2010 and the conclusion for this test was that the Ozroll window shutter was proven to withstand the impact of a simulated bushfire attack, with a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2. After 60 minutes of severe testing there was no ignition or flaming observed and we are now pleased to confirm that the OZROLL AE401 shutter passed to the level of BAL 40. Report Number: FSZ 1444. Date of Issue: 5th November 2010

Care & Maintenance

Roller Shutter Care & Maintenance information sheet.