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What Is The Process For Security Door Lock Replacement? [Safety Guide]

05.02.2023 By Perth Homeguard Security Doors

Discover the level of detail and precision that goes into making sure your security door remains secure with proper lock replacement.

Security doors come in so many different shapes and sizes (even custom applications), but what they all have in common are robust locking mechanisms. Each may be installed differently, but they are critical to the overall success and safety provided by the door itself.

When your door lock starts to fail or you’re otherwise concerned that your locks are not providing you with the safety you need, there’s zero reason to hesitate to replace them.

From hinged security doors to sliding security doors, the door locks keep homes safe. Replacing them might seem like a straightforward job, but getting it right the first time is essential to ensuring the safety of your home. That’s why it’s always best to call the professionals out for help with the job. That said, we’re happy to explain more about security door lock replacement and what you can expect from the process in your home.

Reasons to change out your security door lock

Security doors serve a major function in the safety of your Perth home or business. So making sure that the locks are in top working order is pivotal. But aside from a malfunction, what are the other signs that you should change your security door locks? Here are the most common:

  • New home purchase: You’ll want to have the locks swapped so prior owners or those with access can no longer enter the home.
  • Tenant changes: You might want to change the locks after someone moves in or out of the shared living environment.
  • Lost keys: You’ll definitely want to change the locks if you have misplaced your keys since someone could make a copy or easily gain entry.
  • Break in: The door may have done its job protecting your home, but a damaged lock should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • General wear: Door keys can wear out over time, making it hard to gain proper entry to a home.

A note on rekeying vs. replacing door locks

It’s a relatively common practice to want to rekey a door lock rather than replace it. For starters, rekeying a lock can be a little more cost effective since the hardware itself isn’t swapped out. Instead, a locksmith can change the way the pins are arranged in the lock and then provide you with a new key that will operate the lock and the door for you.

While rekeying can be convenient, there are times when a new lock is much more effective. If your WA home has been a victim of a break in or attempted robbery, it’s possible that the lock components could have been damaged in the process. In that case, a full replacement is much more secure than attempting to rekey the lock.

Also, if your locks and door mechanisms are much older and worn, replacing them with higher quality, higher functioning locks is a much more secure option.

Why you should leave security door lock replacement to the experts

For the handiest of handymen and homeowners, it might be possible for you to tinker around and replace your own door locks. However, there are many reasons that this should be left to the pros, and all of them involve your safety and the security of your home.

A professional installer will be able to provide the right kind of replacement locking mechanisms for your exact security door. Remember that not all locks are created equal, and for a high-grade security door, the right locks are essential.

The pros will also be familiar with and adhere to all of the Australian Standards for security with your door locks. This includes making sure that both the mechanisms and the installation itself are in full compliance and able to pass a number of security tests.

4-step process for security door lock replacement

To help you better understand what occurs during a lock replacement procedure, we’re breaking down the process here for you. You can expect a licensed and professional installer to take 30 minutes to an hour total depending on the complexity of your door and whether any other damage was incurred.

#1: Remove the old lock

The existing lock mechanism is held in place through a series of screws that are inserted through the side of the door’s frame. To remove the mechanism, the key must be inserted in the lock itself (when possible), and turned to an open or unlocked position. From there, the screws on the door frame can be removed. The screws are what hold the lock itself in place. With them removed, the existing lock can slide right out of the door frame.

#2: Choose the right new lock

It is important that when replacing the lock, the new hardware is the same shape and depth as what you are replacing. This will ensure that the lock works with the existing door frame and that no additional modifications are needed.

#3: Install the new lock

With the screws in the door frame still removed, insert the new locking mechanism into the hole in the door. It should slide into place with an equal amount on both sides of the door. Then, set the locking mechanism to the locked position. You should notice that the lock does not move in place. Now you can reinsert and tighten the screws in the door frame, which make the lock secure against removal by intruders.

#4: Addressing other damage

During the installation of a new lock, a technician should also examine your door for other signs of damage, wear, or tear. This includes door latches, screens, metalwork, and hinges which could compromise the integrity of the door and diminish the effectiveness of the new lock.

Replace your locks with the experts at Perth Homeguard

Security door locks are the quintessential part of properly operating doors, so making sure you have the right locks in place is incredibly important. There are a number of reasons why you might want to have your locks replaced, but there’s only one true solution to the issue: hiring an expert.

Call the team at Perth Homeguard for expert and quality security door lock replacement backed by a 10-year warranty. All of our technicians are police-licensed and insured so you can rest assured that the work will be done in a high quality and trustworthy manner.

For more information and a free assessment, call us on (08) 9209 8100 or request a fast free quote online today!

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