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How Much Do Outdoor Roller Shutters Cost? [Price Guide]

05.02.2023 By Perth Homeguard Roller Shutters

The average cost of an outdoor roller shutter in Perth falls between $400 and $1,200. But this is a significant price gap, which makes it tough to budget for your next home upgrade, so we’ll break down every cost across installation, maintenance and repair, and help you find a price that works for you.

Read on to discover how much you’ll need to pay to install stylish outdoor shutters that keep out harmful UV rays and unwanted guests.

400,000 Australian homes experienced a break-in during the past 12 months.

Energy savings up to 20%. No more harsh WA sun when you want to relax. Reduced noise. Trips to Scarborough beach knowing your home is protected.

Yep, there’s plenty of benefits to installing stylish and modern outdoor roller shutters. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you should overpay on your next home upgrade.

At Perth Homeguard we know a thing or two about affordable, 100% Aussie-made roller shutters, and we think you deserve to know the facts and figures too.

Read on for our comprehensive guide to outdoor roller shutters installation. We’ve rounded up the latest prices, rates and quotes to help you find the best deal, and avoid ever getting ripped off again.

Ready to save money? Let’s roll on through.

What are outdoor roller shutters?

Outdoor roller shutters offer a mixture of privacy, protection and style for your home.

Installed on the exterior of your house (hence the name), outdoor shutters offer advanced protection over security screens, which may let in light, nature, bugs and even people (depending on the strength of the security screen you choose).

In contrast, outdoor shutters act like roller doors, creating a barrier over your windows through interlocked blinds joined together on a track. You can raise or lower your shutters either manually or via an electric motor, giving you control of who can see in your home, and who can enter your home.

What am I paying for when I buy an outdoor roller shutter?

Investing in roller shutters Perth for the exterior of your home adds a contemporary and elegant touch to your home, while protecting against the elements, bugs, and even people.

But what you’re really paying for are a range of internal mechanisms that make the security and style possible. Shutters vary depending on the style and materials you opt for, but the following parts make up the majority of your outdoor roller shutter.

  • Top Cover
  • Front Cover
  • Pelmet End Caps
  • Protective Side Plates
  • Axle
  • Foam Pad Shutter Springs
  • Nylon Shutter Entry Guides
  • Heavy Duty Idle Roller
  • Motor Mounts
  • Tubular Motors
  • Shutter Guides
  • Rubber Rings
  • V-Locks
  • Bottom Rail
  • Shutter Profiles
  • Retaining Clips
  • Schlegel Brush
  • Shutter Stops

The cost goes towards these mechanisms, which are crucial to protect your property. Unfortunately, cheap outdoor shutters may not have high quality parts, leaving you with expensive repairs (or total replacements) sooner than you’d think.

Factors determining outdoor roller shutters cost

There are a range of factors that will influence the price of your new outdoor roller shutters. Some of these carry greater weight than others, so be sure to request free quotes from your preferred team to learn more about each factor.


Bigger might not be better, but it’s generally more expensive.

The larger your windows or the more windows you’re looking to secure, the higher your quote. This covers the cost of materials as well as installation.

As a rough guide, use the table below to estimate your outdoor shutters cost.

Outdoor Shutter Size Average Cost (Manual) Average Cost (Electric)
600mm x 800mm $300 $500 to $700
800mm x 1200mm $350 $550 to $725
1200mm x 1800mm $500 $700 to $850
1800mm x 2400mm $725 $800 to $1,000+



Not all outdoor shutters are made the same.

You can opt for roller shutters with specific advantages and features, which will impact the price you pay. For example, outdoor shutters to protect against cyclones typically cost an average of $200 more to install.

Or, you may want shutters to beautify your home and increase curb appeal, in which case you may be able to find a cheaper shutter price while still unlocking the head-turning feature you’re after.

Thankfully, all shutters are designed to keep unwanted guests out, and since Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglaries in the world, that’s a priceless peace of mind.


Outdoor shutters can be manual or electric.

Electric roller shutters are typically more expensive as they’ll need to be wired to your home’s power system, adding skills and time.

For small manual roller shutters, you can expect to pay between $250 and $500, while larger automatic shutters can cost between $800 and $1,200 to install.

The different types of shutters mean your quote can realistically fall between $250 and $1,200, which is a frustrating gap, so it’s best to contact your local security door company for a quote and price breakdown, line by line.


Your choice in material can bring your overall cost up or down.

For example, aluminium roller shutters are typically cheaper than steel shutters. But remember, you’re not just making a choice based on price alone. If you run a business in the Perth CBD and need heavy-duty protection while your shop is closed, you may prefer steel shutters that let you sleep at night without worry.

In contrast, aluminium shutters can help bring the cost down if you’re more concerned about keeping the harsh summer sun out of your living room or blocking extra noise from a nearby road in addition to keeping your home safe.

How much does it cost to install outdoor roller shutters?

If you’ve purchased shutters from Bunnings or a home improvement store, you’ll have the option to install them yourself.

This can seem like an easy way to save some cash, but when the safety of your home is on the line, you’ll need to think hard about where you want to cut corners. Professionally installed roller shutters will be perfectly aligned to ensure there’s no gaps for would-be intruders to exploit.

At the same time, electric shutters require you to wire your new rollers to your home’s power supply, which can be tricky (and dangerous) without the right experience.

Most Perth roller shutter installers charge between $50 to $100 per hour.

However, you’re more likely to receive a fixed quote for installation, typically covering the cost of the shutters themselves AND installation costs.

The average cost in Perth is between $300 to $1,500.

Average cost of outdoor roller shutters installation in Australia

State Average Cost
Perth $400 to $1,200
Sydney $500 to $1,500
Melbourne $450 to $1,000
Brisbane $800 to $1,500
Adelaide $450 to $1,200
Tasmania $800 to $1,400


How much is outdoor roller shutters repair?

As with any product, you’ll need to factor in ongoing costs relating to maintenance and repair.

Your roller shutters are your home’s armour, and any dents, scratches or damage will need to be fixed ASAP. Some of the common causes of outdoor roller shutter damage include:

  • Weather: Perth enjoys more sun than any Aussie city, but we still get our fair share of damaging winds and storms. If your shutters have weather damage, they’ll need urgent repairs.
  • Wear and Tear: With summer temperatures north of 30°, there’s a good chance you’ll be lowering your shutters to enjoy cooler temperatures inside. But wear and tear can occur through use, so watch out for signs of a malfunctioning shutter.
  • Accidental Damage: Accidents do happen, whether it’s a mis-hit cricket ball or a clumsy neighbour. If your outdoor shutter is bent or broken, you’ll need to organise repairs.

Outdoor roller shutter repair ranges from $300 to $1,200 depending on the problem and the roller shutter material.

How to get the lowest price on outdoor roller shutters in Perth

Spend 5 minutes on Google and you’ll be convinced that every roller shutter and security company in Perth offers the “best prices” and “leading products”.

To cut through the noise, contact between 3 and 5 outdoor shutter providers and request a free quote. Make sure you’re looking at outdoor shutter supply AND installation to avoid paying two fees and chasing up a handyman or installer.

You can also stretch your budget further by looking for Perth security companies who manufacture outdoor roller shutters here in Western Australia. At Perth Homeguard we don’t import our shutters from overseas. We make them right here in Perth.

If you’d like to learn more about our 100% Aussie-made products, click here.

Looking for the best outdoor shutter prices?

When it comes to roller shutters, trying to save a few dollars upfront doesn’t make sense.

Cheap shutters can break, which defeats the purpose of adding a security shutter to your home; or break down and require frequent (and costly) repairs. But that doesn’t mean you should shell out tens of thousands of dollars for solid gold outdoor roller shutters either.

Instead, source 3 to 5 quotes from local security companies to get a feel for their prices, inclusions and quality.

At Perth Homeguard we offer FREE assessments of your home to identify weak points and create a custom roller shutter quote to help you find the best price.

Click here if you’re ready to arrange your FREE assessment

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