5 Benefits of Choosing Licensed Installers For Your Security Doors

10.03.2022 By Perth Homeguard

Are you looking for a security door installation in Perth? If you are, the first step in the process is to shop for a security provider who can supply a quality product, and expertly install it.

When you shop around for security door installers in Perth, there’s one tick box that should be placed above all others. You need to ensure that the installer is police licensed.

What is a security installer license?

All security installers in Western Australia must be licensed under both federal and state law. In WA the installation, maintenance and repair of all security equipment is overseen and controlled by the WA Surveillance Act. In order to be able to conduct this work, a security professional must have a current installer’s license – these licenses remain valid for between one to three years before they need to be renewed, so it’s important to check that your installers are legitimate and current. A Class 3 license is required to work with security doors and security screens in Perth.

This system guards against dodgy operators who might not know what they’re doing or could even intentionally set up a compromised system. In WA installer licenses are issued by the police. There are serious penalties for completing security system work without a license – individuals can be fined up to $10,000 and corporations $20,000 if they are found to be installing, maintaining or repairing security systems without a valid license. A list of all currently licensed individuals can be found on the WA police website.

But the benefits of hiring a police-licensed installer extend far beyond simply obeying the law. Here are five excellent reasons for choosing a police-licensed installer for your security door installation.

1. Required training has been completed

An installer needs to prove their knowledge and expertise by passing a number of tests in order to gain their security installers license. In WA the main part of the licensing process is the completion of a security course prior to the submission of their application.

By holding a police license, the installer shows that they have completed the appropriate training, and are capable of installing a security door that offers real protection and meets the appropriate standards.

2. The installer is registered with the WA police

Licensed installers are registered with the police, and you can download a PDF of all current installers directly from the WA police website. This being the case, by choosing a licensed installer you can be confident that they will do the right thing. If they don’t, they can be instantly tracked down, have their license revoked, and even be prosecuted.

3. You’ll be covered by insurance

If the worst were to happen, and someone gained access to your property and either stole goods or did the damage, your insurance may not pay out if you used an unlicensed security installer. As part of the insurer’s due diligence, they’ll likely ask who installed your security system before looking for their name on the PDF above. If the individual or company isn’t there, it will be far less likely that you’ll be reimbursed for your losses.

There are no such insurance worries if you use a licensed installer. What’s more, by using a legitimate professional who will install a legitimate system, intruders are far less likely to gain entry in the first place.

4. The installer must adhere to a code of conduct

As part of the licensing process, all security installers agree to abide by the Security Industry Code of Conduct. This ensures all works are carried out to a certain standard, and that ethical standards are also upheld. These standards have been designed to not only improve the safety of installers, occupants and the community at large but to also promote customer and community confidence in security installers. It’s in the industry’s best interests to ensure all installers are held to the highest standards.

There are checks and balances to ensure these standards are adhered to, and you can take any complaint to the governing body for action.

5. You’ll enjoy peace of mind

The best reason to choose a licensed installer? Peace of mind. There’s no worrying about the quality of the job, the chances of a security breach, or the reaction of your insurer. By hiring someone who has proved that they are capable, responsible and trustworthy, you can rest easy knowing the job was done right.

At Perth Homeguard, security screen doors expert, we understand that we must earn the confidence and respect of our clients if our business is to succeed. To that end, every one of our installers is police licensed and boasts years of experience in installing our market-leading, WA-made security products.

Benefits of Choosing Licensed Installers For Your Security Doors

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